#foodiefriday – June-13-2014

Chicken and WafflesHello Manchester! I hope you enjoyed Paige’s #foodiefriday last week while I was on vacation! I headed to Dallas and Austin for a girls’ weekend with some friends from college–what a blast! While in Austin, I just knew I had to try chicken and waffles and I was blown away…(you can see my excitement to the right). Three of the ladies on the trip were from California and were intrigued with our access to seafood here in New England! I had to explain New England favorites like steamers, lobster rolls, and how insanely delicious a freshly shucked oyster is. Isn’t it funny how we take for granted our regional food? What is your favorite New England delicacy?

If you are a #foodie or a downtown restaurant and have a new special or menu item, or if you’d just like to promote your most popular dish, email me a picture (jwhitney@intownmanchester.com)  to be featured in a #foodiefriday blog post!





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