Throwback Thursday May-8-2014

This Thursday we’re taking it back to 1958! In the Manchester Historic Association‘s archives, I found the “WKBR Top 30 Tunes of Manchester” from the week of October 12, 1958 (see right). These top 30 songs are a true indicator of the beginnings of rock and roll and included familiar names that people across generations will recognize: Elvis Presley, Tony Bennett, Jerry Lee Lewis, Pat Boone and The Everly Brothers.

The most interesting part of the flyer is how they explain how they determined the top tunes. They wrote the, “top tunes of Manchester [are] according to record and sheet music sales, coin machine operators and radio requests, as determined by the WKBR weekly survey.” Pretty neat.

 Here’s some videos of the top three songs of the week. Enjoy!

number one of the week:
‘The Day the Rains Came’ by Jane Morgan

number two of the week:
‘Secret’ by Gordon McRae

number three of the week:
‘Mexican Hat Rock’ by The Applejacks





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