Eats Week 2014 is underway!

As I’ve mentioned before in my very first #foodiefriday post, I am a self-proclaimed foodie-in-training (so I think). I’ve been able to visit quite a few restaurants that are participating in Eats Week and let me tell you, Manchester’s food scene is truly impressive. While I SO wish I could have visited every participating restaurant, I just couldn’t swing it. But, I hope you will enjoy the write-ups about the places I have visited!

Downtown’s Subway restaurant is such a gem! The staff there is incredible (shoutout to Mary and Ben!) and our office frequents them for lunch since we’re right across the way. While going during lunch can be a little stressful if you’re undecided on what you want (me, always), you honestly cannot go wrong! If you’ve ever walked through the 1000 Elm Street Plaza, I’m sure you’ve smelled the delicious freshly baked bread or chocolate chip cookies (YUM). I got a chicken chopped salad the other day for lunch and it was yummy! You always know a place uses the freshest ingredients when they switch them out right in front of you.

Included in Firefly’s Eats Week offerings is their $5 lunch menu which includes one of my favorite Manchester meals–The Ultimate BLT. Their take on the classic includes “smoked bacon, crisp leaf lettuce, tomatoes on hearty white bread with chipotle mayo.” The first time I had this yummy sandwich, it blew my socks off! Anything with bacon is a YES in my book, and their slices are flavorful, smokey and best of all…CRUNCHY! The chipotle mayo adds a touch of spice and a world of flavor that compliments the bacon perfectly. While a simple classic, Firefly’s take on the BLT takes it to new heights.

Thousand Crane, similarly to Firefly, is offering a prix-fixe menu for Eats Week. While it’s hard to chose if you’re in a sushi or kitchen food mode (at least it is for me) you can’t go wrong at Thousand Crane! My favorite items on their menu? The avocado salad and the spicy tuna roll. Their avocado salad is almost a piece of art! With it you get perfect, even slices of avocado fanned out over a bed of romaine lettuce with some crab meat. I love orange salad dressing on top, too. Their spicy tuna roll is fantastic too. I usually get a side of spicy mayo for an extra kick!

Nadeau'sI ventured over to Nadeau’s Subs on Monday for lunch for my first time ever. I’m just mad I haven’t been there sooner! I ordered the chicken caesar wrap. So.Good. Their Caesar dressing is beyond. It’s a creamy version with a little bit of a tanginess and a ton of flavor. The romaine lettuce was crisp and the chicken was cooked to order for my wrap! There were also surprise croutons that added a bit of a crunch and a good amount of Parmesan cheese–my favorite part! Before I knew it, I had actually eaten the whole thing! It was THAT good. I can’t wait to go back and try one of their famous steak bombs!

Gaucho’s is tucked away a bit up on Concord Street, but it is such a gem! While I’ve never been (yet!), our Marketing Director Sara loves it! Her favorite meats are the Flank Steak or Fraldinha, the marinated chicken or Frango. She also told me their Italian options are great, they have “the best salad bar in the world,” and a great variety of wine. You also can’t mention Gaucho’s without mentioning their friendly and attentive waitstaff!

mint bistroMint Bistro is always a treat! They offer such a wonderful lunch menu on Thursdays and Fridays in addition to their phenomenal dinner menu. One of my absolute favorites? Their Pulled Short-rib BLT (Can you tell I love BLTs :)). Mint describes their sandwich best: “Angus Short Rib, Candied Pepper Bacon, Boston Bibb, Special Sauce Batch #12, Tomato, on House Baguette or Gluten Free Roll.” Drooling yet? Sara and I went on a Thursday afternoon after seeing this sandwich on their lunch menu online. I don’t even know where to begin with describing this sandwich. Sara and I joke in calling it “the cloud sandwich.” Why? The short-ribs are so tender they practically melt in your mouth! The bacon, of course, adds such a delicious smokey crunch, and the special sauce almost has a mustard-y flavor that compliments the other ingredients perfectly. I cannot recommend it enough!

900° is also a Manchester gem. Their creative and tasty pizza is always a home-run. One thing I HAVE to order when I go in is their 900 Meatballs appetizer. Their house tomato sauce, which the meatballs come with, is unique, but tasty! It has a great hint of fresh peppers and chunks of tomato. For just a $1.50 more you can add mozzarella, which i highly suggest. My favorite pizza of theirs was off their ‘specials’ menu called Newton’s Revenge: “a red pepper pesto sauce base topped with mozzarella, goat cheese, caramelized onions, roasted chicken, and figs. The pizza then gets finished with basil and a balsamic reduction drizzle.” I love figs and the salty-sweet combination of this pizza is outrageous! If you ever see this pizza on their menu–ORDER IT!

jadeI headed over to Jade Dragon for lunch earlier this week their Eats Week Deal is amazing–they’re offering 50% off all food items! I’ve been to Jade Dragon before for their generous lunch combos and figured I’d try their maki this go. I started with a won-ton soup that not only had fresh dumplings, but pieces of pork and fresh, crunchy cabbage in a flavorful broth. It was the perfect portion and start to my meal. I then had the “Oh My God” Roll as my lunch entree. The roll is “crab meat, cucumber and avocado inside, with spicy tuna butter fish and crunchy onion on top.” The name of this roll is perfect. The flavor combination of the crab meat, spicy tuna and crispy onions was a taste sensation!



I hope you enjoyed my take on some of Manchester’s most delicious meals and that you’ll be able to venture out and take advantage of these great Eats Week deals! Hurry, Eats Week ends Saturday, April 12th. For the full list of deals, click here!

This blog was written by Julia Whitney, Marketing Specialist at Intown Manchester.


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