Get active, in Downtown Parks!

We have some beautiful Parks in Downtown Manchester. So why don’t we see people reading, playing Frisbee, walking their dogs and having lunch in them? I am sure many of you readers have your opinions as to why this is, but let’s focus on making these park activities a new Downtown trend! There are a couple of organizations who are on board, so lets support them so that others are encouraged to do the same.

Jessica Labbe, owner of Jeca Yoga, and Roseann Latona, owner of White Swan Yoga, see Downtown Parks as a huge opportunity to improve Downtown culture and well-being. This is why they have organized a free, “Yoga In The Park,” series from now until Labor Day. The FREE Yoga Class will be in Victory Park every Thursday from 3-3:45pm, across from the Manchester Farmer’s Market. The Kick- Off took place last week, and I decided to join in! There were about 10 people who took part in the class, and we are looking forward to even more week by week. Feel free to join us, just bring your own towel or mat!  Below are some photographs… (and yes, that’s the mayor noticing us!) 

IMG_5319 IMG_5318IMG_5324 IMG_5327








Photos by: Stephanie Lewry, Intown Manchester

Manchester’s Chamber of Commerce just recently completed their first, “Lunch In The Park,” event, sponsored by Pembroke Building Luxury Apartments…and it was a huge success! They have two more, on Thursday July 18th and Thursday August 15th in Veteran’s Park! Bring your bag lunch, or buy a box lunch, and come on down to the park for some Live Music and networking on picnic tables! Click here to view some great photo’s of last week’s lunch! Please, join us next time!

lunch in the park picPhoto by: Will Stewart, Manchester Chamber of Commerce

What are some of your favorite events that take place in our parks? What would you like to see? Anything is possible! We hope to see you at one of these events soon, or maybe even planning one of your own!


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