More Than Your Average Piece of Chocolate

Sometimes, nothing is better than a little morsel of chocolate to invigorate your taste buds and add some pep to your step. Chocolate comes in many forms and is eaten on many occasions, including the average day for a mid-afternoon snack. If one were asked to describe what comes to mind after hearing the word chocolate, the words ‘creamy’ or ‘rich’ or ‘my best friend,’ may follow. For Richard Tango-Lowy, Master at Dancing Lion Chocolate, the word ‘art,’ is the first thing he thinks of.

Dancing Lion Chocolate is located on 917 Elm St, and it is not your typical chocolate shop. The chocolate is made by artisan producers from the finest cacao in the world. When I first stepped into the shop last week to see what it was all about, I knew I would be in for something very different then the norm. I soon found out that different meant extraordinary!

Tango-Lowy has a number of chocolate options on display, and they vary from week to week. Many times, a bar or square is not made twice because it is perfected into something new for the next time. I say ‘on display,’ because the chocolate truly is artwork. Before you purchase what you are craving, you have to take a look and savor its beauty! There is a seating area in the shop as well, which is great because you can sit and chat with a friend over a chocolate bar and a mug of Drinking Chocolate. Drinking Chocolate is not the same as your typical hot chocolate packet from the grocery store. Instead, it is literally melted chocolate in hot water or milk. I was given a sample, and I must say it is like nothing I have ever tasted. You can get it to go too, so I know when our lovely New Hampshire snow storms approach I will be stopping at Dancing Lion Chocolate before work for a quick warm-up!

Something new that Dancing Lion Chocolate is trying out is fudge. They are working on a signature recipe, so be on the lookout for that soon! Also, Dancing Lion Chocolate is now providing unique lunches! From day to day there will be altering bread puddings for lunch, to stay or to go! Next time you are out and about around town, stop in and see what their lunch of the day is…and I promise you won’t feel guilty if you get some of the drinking chocolate too!

Lunch at the Lion

A cup of rice pudding from the Lion! Layered with fragrant chocolate olive oil ganache. Lunches change weekly!


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