It was Inevitable

It was inevitable that Intown Manchester would enter the blogging world. We have a number of platforms for creating and funding a communications network for promotional activities as well as working to build a sense of community in Downtown Manchester. However, we found ourselves needing more room to express our insight on the happenings of Downtown whether it be regarding maintenance needs and projects, to a new business in town. We find ourselves wanting to express our experiences downtown, and we feel that this blog is the appropriate outlet to do so. 

In case you, the reader, are new to Manchester…or are just tuning in to check us out…this is what we do. Since 1996 we have worked as partners with the city of Manchester to undertake certain management responsibilities of the downtown area and to provide business support within the Business Improvement District. This mission is accomplished by focusing on three general areas to enhance the economic vitality of the downtown area: Developing and operating maintenance and beautification services to enhance the environment, developing promotional activities to bring populations downtown, and improving the appearances of the built environment. 


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